The following are our customers most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t covered here, please contact us.

Can we change the tour itinerary?

Our published tours have set itineraries, but we are happy to assist you in planning a tailor-made tour to include any specific destinations.

What items can I take on the plane during the flight?

Safety restrictions apply and there are baggage restrictions on light aircraft. The baggage allowance on tours is usually 8 kg per person. Whilst travelling light, we suggest you always take a minimum of sunglasses, hat, water bottle and sunscreen. A bathing towel is also useful as many of our tours offer the chance for a swim. It’s best to pack a small backpack or soft bag and these will be stowed in the aircraft’s luggage hold.

Can I take photographs from the plane?

Yes! Each passenger has a window seat and the high wing design and retracting undercarriage makes for unrestricted viewing. Both still and video cameras may be used for the ultimate aerial images!

I’m not comfortable in a big aircraft. How will I behave in a small one?

People vary, however experience shows that with greater all-round aerial views and more direct interaction with the pilot, who is also your tour guide, this leads to a more enjoyable experience.

Do you fly if the weather forecast predicts bad weather?

No. Our pilots are experienced with local conditions and obtain aviation forecasts covering the entire tour route prior to the flight ever taking off.

Can we alter our tour booking?

With adequate notice we will always try to amend your booking. However, if there is a cancellation situation due to unforseen circumstances you should claim on your travel insurance. See our terms and conditions for additional cancellation information.

Why is the company called King Leopold Air?

King Leopold Air started life as a small charter company based at a pastoral station near the King Leopold Ranges. These were named after King Leopold of Belgium who bank-rolled an expedition to the region led by Alexander Forrest, a Western Australian explorer and statesman.

I have special dietary requirements. Can these be accommodated on the tour?

Please advise your requirements in advance and we will notify the destinations providing meals and refreshments. With adequate notice most requirements can be met. Please bear in mind that some of the destinations are remote, so the earlier we know the better!